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With more than 22,995 days on the clock (that's 63 years, for the curious among us), we are not fleeting newcomers looking to quickly storm the market. Passed down from grandfather to father, and now to son, you can certainly expect a wealth of experience. Combine this with a touch of Dutch practicality and a pinch of Amsterdam's 'straight to the point' mentality. We are simply professional, inexpensive, we tailor your clothes right away, grind fresh coffee, and sometimes sing a little off-key along with the radio. You are our best advertisement, so expect a generous dose of service and attention!
We have been running a beautiful men's fashion store in Van Woustraat for over 60 years. You can visit us daily (see opening hours) for stylish and affordable men's clothing, suitable for weddings, business, and casual wear. Of course, we also have all the accessories like socks, ties, and shoes for you.

In our online shop, you can comfortably put together your wardrobe 24 hours a day. This is ideal if you've already purchased something nice in the store and want to find several variants of it. Of course, we have a wider selection online than in the store. That's a nice bonus!

ometimes there's no other way: you have little time but still need to be well-dressed. That's where our 'Ready in an Hour' service comes in handy! We'll advise you, dress you, and ensure that within an hour you can walk out the door neatly dressed, or have your clothes with you. Easy! Call to make an appointment: 020-671 48 76.